On My Own


Earlier this week I was told something that caught me off guard.  The people I have been going to for help everyday for the past couple of months, told me I was on my own.  For me to grow I would have to make my own decisions and find my skills and passion. I was always saying how I want to grow on my own and be the best possible me, yet I was always clinging on to them.   

For me this is the second scariest leap I have taken since graduating a couple of months ago, but it has been an amazing two days.  I have done more on my own then I could have imagine.  I have learn how to process information and come to a solution without help for the first time.  Everything I have learned with your guidance has made everything easier and less scary. 

I know I have a huge amount of growth left to do, but I am excited and ready to conquer to world.  So to the people who gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone; thank you.  Sometimes you need to be pushed in the deep to learn to swim. I know that you guys will always be guiding me in the right path, but its about time I start trying things and learning more about what I can do for the world.