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Do What You Love

Do what you love, a simple concept we probably heard millions of times. But how many people are actually doing that? Everyday I see the people I love hate their jobs.  So why are they doing it?  For my mom its the family health insurance, without that she would never have the money to pay for insurance. It sucks that my mom had to give up on her dream to allow mine to be accomplished. But that means my time is precious and I can't waste a second.

For my mom her realization was her mom. Who woke up at 4 in the morning to prepare food for the restaurant she worked in and she got home late night.  I would never forget the image of her hands they were deformed from all the hard work she did 7 days a week having no vacation.  When she finally retired she was diagnosed with cancer. She suffered so much, yet she found a way to smiled when ever her grandchildren visited and no matter how little energy she had she always tried to cook for us.  When she passed away no one showed up, but her immediate family and my dad's friends and family.  That when I decided I would never let her hard work go to waste.  When I was younger I never knew why she would choose a job so hard and tiring.  As I grew older I understood why, it was all she knew and it was the only way she could do to take care of her children and grandchildren.  Only now do I fully appreciate what she has done.  

So I will never stop doing what I love.  I will never stop building product for people. I will do it for myself, for my parents, and grandparents who worked so hard to give he the blessed life I have now.  I never want to see anyone in my family go through the same thing. I will create something amazing so that I can see my mom and dad smile. Till then I will work just as hard as they did, so they know I will never give up till the day I die. Why, because of the people I love.

On My Own

Earlier this week I was told something that caught me off guard.  The people I have been going to for help everyday for the past couple of months, told me I was on my own.  For me to grow I would have to make my own decisions and find my skills and passion. I was always saying how I want to grow on my own and be the best possible me, yet I was always clinging on to them.   

For me this is the second scariest leap I have taken since graduating a couple of months ago, but it has been an amazing two days.  I have done more on my own then I could have imagine.  I have learn how to process information and come to a solution without help for the first time.  Everything I have learned with your guidance has made everything easier and less scary. 

I know I have a huge amount of growth left to do, but I am excited and ready to conquer to world.  So to the people who gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone; thank you.  Sometimes you need to be pushed in the deep to learn to swim. I know that you guys will always be guiding me in the right path, but its about time I start trying things and learning more about what I can do for the world.

Be Anyone On The Internet, Just Avoid Stupid.

We have the option  to be anyone we want on the internet.  A clean slate to start over and become the person you always dreamed of being.  You can choose to be a confident person, a mentor, or even a comedian; but why choose to be stupid.

Lately I have been watching/reading from people talking about their problems. Some of these post are from people who have experienced something painful and now they are looking to help others going through the same situation.  Other post are about people who are suffering and looking for help or just looking for a place to vent. They are saying something important and we should be listening to what they have to say.  Instead many have chosen to go under an identity of someone stupid, we don't think before we say something. What possible value are you currently adding to your own life when you tell someone to kill themselves or judge them for their look?  What if every response you posted affected that person and if you told them to kill themselves they would.  How horrible would that feel? But what if instead you told them "you are beautiful" or that they were loved and it saved them.  

So no matter what you think your words can have an affect on someone.  One word has the power to destroy or save someone. I bet if you were given a second chance to be anyone you wanted you would not choose to be stupid.   So then don't choose to be that person on the internet when you have the opportunity to be anyone.  Be someone you can respect. 

Thank You and I Miss You

Dear Uncle Reggie,

You have done so much for me in my life and I know I had so much more to learn from you, but you were taken away from us so soon.  I wish I had more time with you even if it was for one hour more.  I just want to learn what you thought it meant to be a man.  Some how you got it right, when ever I think of the type of man I want to be, you come to mind.  

You treated me as if I was your son and to me you were a second dad.  In the 16 years I had to spend with you, I was taught so many things.  You never sat me down and told me what a man was, you showed me.  A real man puts family first, a real man looks for the best in people, a real man laughs in a tough situation and deals with it, and a real man doesn't give up no matter how hard it got.  Thank you for the lessons you taught me.  

If you could see me today I know I would have made you proud.  I kept the things you held the closest safe. We all did; your children, your nephews, and nieces.   We remembered one important thing family comes first and no matter how big of a mistake we might have made there was always a plate of food waiting for us.  I never got to tell you thank you for everything because I was young and naive.  So thank you, a great deal of what I learned from you gave me the courage to make so many key decisions in my life.  So if i have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Miss you,