Be Anyone On The Internet, Just Avoid Stupid.


We have the option  to be anyone we want on the internet.  A clean slate to start over and become the person you always dreamed of being.  You can choose to be a confident person, a mentor, or even a comedian; but why choose to be stupid.

Lately I have been watching/reading from people talking about their problems. Some of these post are from people who have experienced something painful and now they are looking to help others going through the same situation.  Other post are about people who are suffering and looking for help or just looking for a place to vent. They are saying something important and we should be listening to what they have to say.  Instead many have chosen to go under an identity of someone stupid, we don't think before we say something. What possible value are you currently adding to your own life when you tell someone to kill themselves or judge them for their look?  What if every response you posted affected that person and if you told them to kill themselves they would.  How horrible would that feel? But what if instead you told them "you are beautiful" or that they were loved and it saved them.  

So no matter what you think your words can have an affect on someone.  One word has the power to destroy or save someone. I bet if you were given a second chance to be anyone you wanted you would not choose to be stupid.   So then don't choose to be that person on the internet when you have the opportunity to be anyone.  Be someone you can respect.