Irreplaceable Bonds


We are so busy with our lives sometimes we forget to ever take the time to stop and appreciate the people who surround us.  We are so blinded by money we lose sight of the most important things.  You only get one chance to live, but so many live an life unfulfilled.  Why take the job that make you feel miserable or hang around people who don't care for you?  Do the thing you love in life and spend your time with people who love you unconditionally.  Yes there are times when we have a duty to provide, and in order to do so must sacrifice our dream job for the people we love.  But don't overwork yourself so you never get to spend time with them. We have little time to forge bonds with the people we love, so take every chance and build a meaningful relationship.

Today I was told some sad news, one of my closest friends lost his mother over the weekend. I could never imagine what he is going through.  The bonds between them were so special it would take a life time of searching to find a mother and son who cared for each other so deeply.  I was never blessed with the opportunity to meet her, yet it feels like I have known her for so long.  Every night shift we worked I always got to hear he and his mom have a short five minute conversation.  I am grateful I had a chance to speak with her a couple of times; from a few exchanges of hellos could tell how wonderful of a person she was.  One thing I know is that even though she is no longer with us physically, she will always live on inside the hearts of the people she loved. 

So take a look at your life now and really think about the bonds you have created.  Are you satisfied? I'm not. I  don't know how long I have left with the people I love. But I will do everything I can to make sure that when I leave this world I have told everyone I loved how much they have meant to me. 

"To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die."
                                                -Thomas Campbell