What do you want?


What do you want?

A simple question to ask, but possibly one of the most complex question to answer.  Some people are born knowing what their purpose in life is, yet others wander their who life unable to answer this question. I didn't know what I wanted, but I was encouraged by important people in my life to explore what I wanted.  I work with these group of amazing people and they know what they want.  You can see it when they talk and the amount of work they put out is 10x mine.  There is nothing wrong with what I currently do, but the difference between them and me is that they would die for what they are doing.  For the past year they have been asking me the question, "What do you want"?  Every time they asked me, I responded with a half assed answer and they knew it. So last week I was encouraged to stop what I was doing and really explore what I wanted.  

I have always avoided answering this question, because I didn't know where to start.  I would always think about it when I was sleeping or walking around, but I always stopped when it became too aggravating.  I wasn't born knowing what I wanted to do, but I have always felt every decision I have made helped me get a step towards the answer.  So the first thing I did was list everything I loved growing up till now; things like cooking, drawing, family, and certain memories came up. This gave me a better understanding of who I was and what I loved.  Then I decided to write about what I loved in my past jobs.  I found that all the things I loved at my jobs were the same, like building an idea, creating relationships with people, or innovating. It started to get more clear. My want was something I have been doing all along, I just had to keep thinking about what I have always been doing.  

So since then I have been reflecting on my life.  Thought about my favorite memories growing up.  I thought about the people I have admired and what they have done.  I thought about why I was so fired up to work at certain times.  Then today it finally hit me.  The thing that I want to do is create the best experience a person can have ever.  If it was in a company it wouldn't just be I want our users to have the best experience possible, but also the people I work with.  I want them to enjoy what they are doing. I know my want and even though it seems a bit impossible,  I get fired up over it and I know this is something I am willing to die for. 

So now I ask you, What do you want?